Broken Pieces

Let me ask you a question – What are the  broken pieces in your life that God has chosen to work through?

As I think about this question I can’t help but chuckle a little bit. As I just sit back and reflect on this question I feel as though my whole life is broken piece after broken piece and I am just one big broken mess of a human being. Then the light bulb in my mind goes on. That’s exactly what I am, broken. Broken sinner, saved by grace. Washed in blood of Jesus Christ. Redeemed. Child of the King. Eternal home being prepared for me. Heaven bound. What a joy and an absolute privilege to be considered as such.

But when I look back at my life and the short amount of years that I have been on this earth I realize there are so many broken areas that God worked through. Whether it was through the many years of addiction I went through. Or my time spent at Crossroads Rescue Mission. Or the many times I relapsed or woke up in a hospital. Or when I started at Bible college and the struggles that I faced there. There is one thing that remains and always will remain the same, God worked through all of that. Whether it be ‘big’ things or ‘little’ things. God in his love chose to just hold the broken pieces of me and through all the dust and rubble, his grace and mercy shined through. And in the end everything worked out for good, just as it says in Romans 8:28.

Now my problem and the issue that many of us face, is this, we often don’t see or perhaps want to see what good can come out of what seems like a devastating circumstance. Those famous questions arise; Why me? Why me? Why do bad things happen to good people? That comment, ‘I really don’t need this right now’ was something I find myself personally muttering under my breath rather frequently.

What I realize is this, I did need every one of those trials and struggles that I have gone through and that I may face down the road. I needed every situation that I was in where all hope seemed lost and the outcome seemed horrific, I needed that. If everything in my life was perfect and I was perfect (which I am far from, just call and ask my parents sometime) then how could I ever help anyone else. Or if everyone else around me was perfect and everything was perfect in their lives how could they help me? Because of the many things that  I have gone through in my short time here on earth, I am the person that I am today. There are definitely things that I regret but I wouldn’t want to change how my life has played out for anything. It’s all apart of God’s plan, which is far greater and better than anything that I could ever try and map out.

Friends, you and I cannot go back and re write our past, so as 2017 unfolds, stop trying to. We can’t change the past, although if we could it would probably be nice for some of us. But what we can do is paint a better and brighter futures for ourselves. No matter what trials you are going to face, there is good behind it and take every opportunity to grow and learn.


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I'm just a nobody trying to everybody about a somebody that'll save anybody. - Romans 10:14

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