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That time of year again. Sports are on all in full swing, except for baseball (the Cubs though, who would have thought). Flannels are back along with the millions of selfies that everyone posts with their pumpkin spiced lattes or some other caffeinated drink. And then probably the most awesome day of the year arrives, Thanksgiving. Turkey, ham, gravy, taters, family, football, and left overs for about a month, what’s there not to love about it.

Then yet again there is all the social media posts, seems as though it never fails during holidays. Hey why not, I know I’ve posted typical holiday things from time to time. But along with all of the ‘I’m thankful’ posts, have you ever really stopped and thought what are we truly thankful for? Or are we even thankful at any other given time during the year besides November.

I find myself thankful when it’s convenient.Like when I have an 8 O’clock class and I wake up at 7:53 and still make it on time. Or perhaps other times like when I walk into class and have no idea we are having a test and manage to squeak out a passing grade.

But what happens after Thanksgiving has come and gone. Do we just forget all the things that we are thankful and just go ‘back to the grind’.

This year I find myself more thankful for the family that God provided for me than ever before. You may think, wow you’re never thankful for your family that’s shallow. But that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is this year, I have realized that there are so many of my friends out there where Thanksgiving is the last thing they want to take part of. Their home life is not one they want to discuss, there are no happy smiling selfie pictures or pictures of Turkeys and backyard football games. My heart breaks for them. How tragic that for whatever that is that home life that they know. I need to do a better job reaching to my friends that find themselves in these situations. I need to have more meals with them, invite them over more often. Maybe have them over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, instead of just saying I’m sorry that you’re going through this I’ll pray for you.

2 years ago I spent Thanksgiving at Crossroads Rescue Mission and about a year after that I spent it in a Hospital bed wondering what my life had become. But I thank God this year I was able to gathered around the table with loved ones and enjoy their company.

My challenge to you, whomever you may reading this, is let’s not just be thankful in November. But all the time. There may have been a time this Thanksgiving where everyone shared what they were thankful for. Take time everyday to do that. Take the time to reach out to someone and let them know that you are thankful for them. Let’s move past the happy Thanksgiving texts and snapchats. Let’s be thankful daily! We have much to be thankful for no matter what situations we may find ourselves in.




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I'm just a nobody trying to everybody about a somebody that'll save anybody. - Romans 10:14

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