Where Do You Go On Sunday?

Most conversations of today are about politics, do we vote Trump? Hilary? Do we even vote or put a third party down. We talk about the 2nd amendment and who’s walking in and out of the bathrooms of Target.. Or if you are like me you still love America, so of course with the Olympics here I find myself watching many sports that I otherwise would probably not watch. But hey it’s great seeing my country bringing home so many Gold medals this year.

But lately there has been something on my mind that doesn’t fall under any of these categories. As a Christian Sunday is my favorite day of the week, because church is on Sunday. For some Sunday is great because of NASCAR, NFL football or other sporting events. And believe me I love sports.

Here is what is troubling for me and should be alarming to my fellow Christians. Go to church Sunday morning, took a good look around. Now return Sunday evening, again, take a look around. You will probably notice a different crowd and perhaps fewer people in the congregation. So why is it that Sunday morning there may be a larger crowd than Sunday evening? Do we really think that just one hour on Sunday morning is enough?

I fear that many Christians have become or are becoming just a Sunday morning only crowd. Now I will say that things do come up sickness, being called into work, etc. But we should have desire in our hearts to gather together. In Hebrews  10:25 we are instructed not to forsake the assembling of ourselves. That word forsake means to leave or desert. God has never left us and will not forsake us so why should we forsake the gathering our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Now I love church I love listening to a choir, I love hearing someone sing a special or a young person play an instrument. I need preaching on Sunday morning and Sunday evening. Yes I can learn on my own but I need to be under someone that has more knowledge and understanding than I do. I also need to hear from God and be convicted, encouraged and shown new things through the preaching of the Word of God. But why has Sunday evening lost its importance? Why is Sunday evening when we plan to go out, or get together with others or do anything but attend church. I love what  one preacher said, he stated one evening “I don’t schedule church around my schedule. I schedule my schedule around church.” That ought to be our mindset and attitude. I am baffled at churches that don’t have Sunday evening church or just cancel it. I love what my Pastor has often said,  “If it’s just me and my wife here we’re still going to have church.”

I love summertime because there is so much happening at the church. VBS, Jr. High camp, College & Career activities it’s wonderful to see the youth and the leaders getting fired about these things. But if we and (myself most definitely included) need to emphasize the importance of being in church not only Sunday morning, but that Sunday evening is just as important as well as mid service or prayer meeting. Because if we ourselves aren’t in church, then why would the next generation be in church or see the importance.  Before I got saved, I did everything that I could to avoid church and I missed out on many great blessings. That I am a child of God I don’t want to miss out on hearing of someone getting saved, or a powerful testimony, or an encouraging song, or hearing from the Word of God and getting my heart stirred up. Many are praying for revival in America, but my prayer is that we see revival in our hearts first and in our churches.


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I'm just a nobody trying to everybody about a somebody that'll save anybody. - Romans 10:14

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